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Doodle Jump

by Kevkevvtt


Kevkevvtt scores again with Doodle Jump! This game is played with the calculator held sideways, a revolutionary idea that would actually make an epic Tetris game, and features custom keystrokes, high scores and more. I changed the keystrokes to Divide and Multiply, instead of up and down (for comfort). EXE shoots upward. For those of you who have never played the game, you try to jump your way through points with moving platforms, monsters, bouncers, and jet packs. The only drawback is that it is in french. All in all, I rate this game at 4.5 stars.

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Poll results

The results for last week’s poll were:

FX-9860G/GII: 3
FX-9750GII-Hacked: 1
FX-9750GII: 1
CFX: 1
AFX: 1
ClassPad: 2

Our new poll is:

Do you play chess?

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Deep Thought’s website, ClrHome has just been updated!

Go see their excellent new website!

5 Add-ins everyone should have on their Casio FX-9860

Here is my list of the 5 add-ins you should install and never delete:

UTIL V. 1.1

by Mario Roy

With this add-in you can overclock the CPU up to 4x. This is great for BASIC programs, but remember to down-clock it for add-ins! Some add-ins will have glitches with the CPU overclocked that they don’t have with the CPU at normal speed.

Insight 1.5

by SimonLothar

This program has many features that are not developer-specific, such as un-delete, Main Mem View, OSUpdate mode, and a battery meter. I use this almost every day. Keep it where you can get to it easily.

Edit V. 1.5

by Neptune45

This program edits text files on your calculator! You can use it to make lua programs, mlc programs, or even just to make that email you can’t get to the computer long enough to type out.


by Jeux-Casio

This is an excellent computer algebra system for the Fx-9860 series. If you are in Calculus (like me), this is a must-have.

3D Grapher

by Vanhoa

This 3D graphing program can handle cylindrical equations, parametric equations, and Z=f(x,y) equations. This program, along with the above, essentially upgrades your calculator to a calculus machine.

BONUS! FX-Lock V. 1.2

by nicocreation

You thought I was finished… Ha! I’m never finished. 🙂

This program locks your calculator. Great for keeping younger siblings off your calculator. I put this on my calculator first so it always has the same letter. When I turn it off, I press the letter first!

CALCULATOR GAME REVIEW: Planet-Casio’s Ludum Dare Entries

For my first calculator game review, I am going to do Planet-Casio’s Ludum Dare entries. Ludum Dare is a 48-hour programming dash. Contestants must have a finished project within that time period. Keep that in mind when you see the following games.

First up is:

Gravity Duck

by PierrotLL

This excellent game was actually ~20 minutes over the deadline. However, it is still impressive. The main menu is almost exactly like the one in the flash game, located here. I have finished all 40 levels, and they are all just like the one’s in the game. This game gets a definite overall rating of 4.6 stars.

Next we have:

Greeny Gap

by KevkevVtt

This game was built after the flash game, located here. The object is to evade the deathly floors and ceilings by pressing EXE. It is a good game in itself (albeit difficult), however, it could be improved by a few minor updates. The first would be to have more levels. Secondly, as with many other calculator games, it could use a “continue game” option. This way, you can use your calculator and come back to the game at your leisure. Lastly, this game really lends itself to having achievements. One achievement could be hitting the ceiling 10 times in a row. I think it would probably be easy to think up more. All in all, this game gets a 4.5 star rating.

And last, but not least:

Gravity Runner

by Eiyeron

If at first you don’t succeed, call it V. 1.0! Jesting aside, this game may not be much now, but what can you say? Programmers, believe it or not, have to sleep too! What I would like to see out of this game in the future are portals, spikes, and switches. Another nice addition would be a way to exit the game without getting out your ballpoint pen and pressing the restart button. Yes, that’s right, there is no other way to exit the game! Hopefully Eiyeron will update this game in the future, because this has way too much potential to waste. This game gets an overall rating of 3.5 stars for now, but I will edit this post if and when eiyeron updates the game.

This website is for calculator enthusiasts only!

Hi. I am a casio calculator game designer and I call myself flyingfisch.

I will post the games I make and other news in the future. For now, take a  look around the site!

Have fun!