Why the TI-84C is not worth the money

The past six months have seen many fickle Casio fans turning their efforts eyes and money towards a new calculator, the TI-84C.

Why this calculator is no better than any other casio rejects (aka, TI calcs):

  • The 84+CSE has only 21KB of user RAM. While there are 128KB available for assembly programmers, TI-Basic users and such are stuck with even less RAM than before. The Casio PRIZM, on the other hand, has approx. 50KB of RAM, plus 16MB of storage space.
  • The 15MHz z80 processor. Much slower than the PRIZM’s SH-4A (58MHz). Remember that we’re dealing with color here, and 15MHz just doesn’t cut it.
  • The screen is capable of 16-bit color, but the calculator itself isn’t. Refreshing the whole screen once with just 8-bit color takes 2 seconds. This is unacceptable.
  • The lack of a good C compiler. At this point there is no way to program in anything other than BASIC or Assembly. The PRIZM comes with support for C, native support for BASIC, and third-party languages like LuaZM.

In reviewing this calculator, we are forced to realize that this is nothing more than another over-priced, under-powered, excuse for a calculator from who else but, Texas Instruments.

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  1. Kudos to FF for referencing my original post and summarizing it into a short bit!

  2. no problem :)I also tried to avoid swearing in my post 😉

  3. I agree completely; now, us Casio fans just need to persuade people in education to use them.At my school, there are buckets of TIs everywhere one looks and only maybe 4 Prizms in the entire school. (Of course, one is mine.)

  4. Yup, its sad.Unfortunately, it seems that Casio didn't capitalize on the free PRIZM promo as much as it could have.

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