Matris – a multiplayer Tetris clone for the fx

Matris is a Tetris-clone.
It is PowerGraphic2-compatible.


-two shades of gray (flickers a bit)
-SH4 / PowerGraphic2 compatible
-use hold to store a brick
-boss mode
-pause button
-level and point counter
-open source

How to use

Press the arrow keys to move the brick (up: rotate, down: fast).
Try to complete lines to get points. After 10 lines you reach the next level; the speed increases (highest level: 20).
Press F5 to pause the game. With EXE you enable the boss mode: You jump to the RunMat instantly (highscore is not saved!).
You can use [tan] to store a brick or swap it with an existing one.
If you want to leave the game, press [exit].


This game was made by Casimo. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License:
Thanks to SimonLothar for the systemcalls!

  1. Really fun, really great. Is this a stable release?

  2. Quick comment.Instead of exiting when exit is pressed, why don't you just let the system handle the menu key?With the PRIZM the code would look like this:int key;int key_dump;key = PRGM_GetKey();if (key==KEY_PRGM_MENU) { GetKey(&key_dump);}

  3. It is kind of. I used APP_EnableRestart, so you should be able to restart that game.And I'll improve it if I find any bugs! So it is a stable release. Matris was my first casio-c game, so the code is a bit dirty.

  4. Hmm… for some reason my calc freezes when I exit the game, and I have to restart it with the reset button.

  5. I asked Simon 🙂

  6. Version update; now it should be fixed.

  7. OK, cool 🙂

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