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Texas Instruments expected to go out of business 2012

According to experts, TI is expected to go out of business in 2012.

Says Ile B. Darned:

Texas instruments has been monopolizing the industry for too long…Consumers have had enough.

Hal Hacker has more to say:

…By restricting third-party development and overpricing, TI has brought on their own doom. This behavior is unacceptable and buyers are showing their disdain with boycotts and other protests.

TI’s market salary has dropped 2.5 billion dollars in the last 5 years, and some say this is a good thing:

Cassie O. Lover

TI has been selling cheap calculators for high prices too long. It’s time for a change.

Owen Smith

TI is to calculators as Apple is to phones. They both have the majority of buyers and are both over-priced. I say give HP and Casio a chance.

But others aren’t so sure:

Cray Z. Teacher

TI may be restrictive, but you have to admit that the vast majority of schoolteachers only know how to use TI calculators. I think the death of TI will cause widespread panic in schools.

We will have to wait and see what the future brings.