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Nerves of Steel released


Nerves of Steel is an ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulator for PRIZM.



F1: Turn left
F2: Turn right
F3: Alt-
F4: Alt+
F5: Speed-
F6: Speed+
Arrows: Select plane


All planes must reach their destination without leaving the airspace.

All planes must stay 1000ft and 3mi away from each other.

Exiting planes must leave airspace at more than 5000ft.

Landing planes must fly into airport’s airspace at less than 200mph and 1000ft. Airport ATC will take over at that point.

There is no winning state, just try to outlast your previous attempt.


The radar is located on the left of the screen. It updates every second. The selected plane is shown in white. A line is draw between each plane and its destination.

The data panel is on the right side of the screen. Notice that the top heading, alt, and speed values are the command values. The bottom ones are the actual values.


TakeFlight Prod.

This file is licensed under GPLv3, included with program.


Aspirin for PRIZM

I have made a port of Aspirin for the PRIZM in LuaZM.

Use arrow keys to manoeuvre to the target without hitting the obstacles.

None, of course. Then again, if you happen to notice any random features, please let me know!



Chesstimer V. 1.1 beta

This is the new version. Includes option to add time after each turn, as well as a pause function.

I made this chess timer in LuaZM.


Simply put it on your prizm.


Run with the LuaZM interpretor. Select the number of minutes you want the game to last with the up/down keys. Press [EXE]. When you are ready to start the game press [F1]. The two bars at the bottom give a large visualization of the time each player has left. When finished, press [exit].


Fischer time, add time after each move, etc.
Submit feature requests in the comment section!

What you can do

REPORT BUGS! Seriously, if you can comment the bugs here, I would be greatly obliged.


TakeFlight productions is back!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything here so this post is sort of an overview of everything that has happened in the casio theater over the last few months.



The Casio-Scene vs. CasioKingdom controversy and consequent outcome

Matt (CK admin) and Helder7 (former casio-scene admin and current casiopeia admin) had a couple week long controversy over casio-scene. There was truth on both sides, from what we can tell, but the main thing is that it was finally resolved and everything seems to be going okay for both sides.

The result of the controversy was that Casio-Scene was closed forever, but all accounts and posts from 2012 were saved and are now at Casiopeia, helder7’s new site. Matt has returned and has revamped CasioKingdom, after long neglect.




UCF forum upgrade and IRC widget

2072 and Forty-Two recently made an IRC widget for UCF using JavaScript and AJAX. Forty-Two did the bot and 2072 made the widget software. The forum has also been upgraded and Forty-Two is finishing up his Perseus theme for it. Be sure to log in and check it out!



KermMartian’s Projects

KermMartian (admin and founder of Cemetech) has released some really brilliant projects over the last few months which definitely deserve notice.




About six months ago Kerm released Graph3DP Beta, an impressive addin but not really useful at that point do to several bugs. Recently however, he released Graph3DP v1.0 RC1, RC2, and after working out a lot of bugs and making numerous usability tweaks, he released 1.0 Stable. The result is a powerful, polished, easy-to-use 3D graphing application that is sure to remain on your calculator for a long time.




LuaZM 0.1 Beta

After a long period of anticipation, Lua for PRIZM has finally been released. Though still in beta, this program is ready-to-use and several programs are already in development. The original news post has more information and download links.



TakeFlight Productions

TakeFlight productions currently has one project underway, and one finished, both in LuaZM.

Etch-a-sketch is a simple program for your prizm that does exactly what it says. Make pictures just like you would on a real etch-a-sketch.

Pong++ is a pong game for PRIZM that’s been kicked up a notch. The original pong rules will be used, but powerups will also be available. Among these will include Freeze (slow down the ball), Grow (enlarge the paddle for a limited amount of time), and Weapons (shoot the ball!). The game is still in-dev, but status updates will be posted here periodically.

If we have missed any major games or programs done for casio calcs lately, be sure to comment and let us know! We appreciate your feedback.

CalGUI — A GUI library for LuaFX

I have been meaning to make a GUI library for a while and have only now found the time, so here it is in alpha-of-an-alpha. 😀

Available functions:

* Lua Classes (thanks to adriweb for code)
* Input text (missing in the originl luaFX)

Planned functions to be included:

* Buttons
* Window Manager
* EZ Menus
* Dialog boxes
* Radio Buttons
* Check Boxes
* More 😀

Since this project is free and open source, and you are free to fork it if you want, here is the GitHub repo.